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 Platform Governance

In today's era of dynamic technological advancement, it's crucial not only to implement innovative solutions but also those that are backed by thorough management and development. Power Platform Governance represents a comprehensive approach to managing the Power Platform, focusing on optimizing processes, enhancing security during automation, and supporting innovations across the company. The goal is to assist organizations in optimally setting up practices and security measures for Power Platform to enable its long-term, secure, and efficient use.

Among other sectors, we also share our expertise in areas such as banking, where an extreme emphasis is placed on security. We conduct a thorough analysis of IT practices at the client's site, impart essential knowledge about Power Platform capabilities and security, configure the environment with defined security roles, establish application lifecycle management, and provide the Target Operating Model (TOM), which defines the optimal organization of processes, people, and technologies to achieve strategic goals of the organization.

A project typically has several phases:d

Gathering IT Requirements
Our initial step involves a detailed assessment of your organization's current practices and IT constraints. This phase allows us to fully understand how you operate and lays the foundation for a successful implementation and management of the Power Platform.

Know-how Transfer

A crucial part of our offering is the transfer of know-how, which includes familiarization with the platform's key features, licensing, environments, integration, security, monitoring, and the Center of Excellence concept, which promotes effective management, innovation, and education across the Power Platform.

Landing Zone Delivery (configuring the tenant)

Last but not least, the final phase involves setting up the tenant. This includes developing strategies for various environments (UAT/SIT/PROD), defining security roles, determining application lifecycle management, and documenting all settings, policies, and guidelines. This step ensures that your integration will not only be functional but also securely and efficiently managed.

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