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TALXIS File Picker

Component for storing files for records in  Dataverse or Dynamics 365

The documents can be stored in various repositories. Most often it is SharePoint Online and this scenario is described in more detail here. Other repositories have their own permission settings and direct access to stored files. Records in Dataverse or Dynamics 365 often require additional file or files to be supplemented. A typical example is a scan of an incoming invoice, PDF offer, or a handover protocol. File Picker allows you to view relevant documents from a SharePoint library on a specific record, including editing, inserting, or opening. In the background lies a standard separate M365 group, which contains a folder structure with a unique record identifier (ID). Although implementation partners can take advantage of native integrations, we offer customers a broader range of functionalities.

  • Types of data storage

  • Our component supports saving a document to multiple types of storage:

  • Save to a SharePoint Online document library

  • Save directly to a Dataverse database

  • Save to Azure Blob Storage

  • ... other types of repositories can be added at the request of the client

  • Uploading a document

  • A unique folder is created for each record, which by its name refers to the unique identifier of the record (ID). Folders are available online to selected user groups  (e.g. M365 group)  based on the permission set. The indicator light allows drag & drop one or more files in any format.


  • When saving a file, a dialog may be displayed to complete the file metadata by the user.

  • View a document

  • The component displays the files as a directory structure independently of the selected storage technology. For users, this is the way they are used to from pc control and is more user-friendly for them than the standard display in Dataverse. When you click on a file, you can view it live in Office Online or edit it directly by multiple users.

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