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TALXIS Data Feed

Connector for publicly available legal and economic information about entities (ARES, ADIS, ORSR)

For the proper functioning of internal systems, it is necessary to ensure a reliable source of up-to-date data on entities, their addresses, and economic information. Users do not have to copy or copy the information unnecessarily. This will reduce the error rate when entering data and increase user-friendliness. The user just needs to select the country in the system and start typing the name of the company, the system will tell him the relevant results. After choosing a specific result, all available data is added from external sources.


TALXIS Data Feed can be found directly in Power Platform, in the list of approved connectors. The official documentation can be found here: TALXIS Data Feed - Connectors | Microsoft Learn

Data sources

  • ARES, information on domestic companies taken from the Administrative Directorate of economics (

    • Entity name, Identification number, Legal form

    • Registration in the Commercial Register, Tax identification number, Registered office address (street, city, postal code)

    • Fields of activity (NACE code)

    • Reference to the register

  • ORSR, information about Slovakia entities taken from

    • Entity name, Identification number, Legal form, Date of registration, update

    • Registered office address (street, city, postal code), Owners and their ownership interests

    • Management, Capital stock

    • Reference to the register

  • OpenCorporates provides information on foreign companies in the scope of publicly available data from the register (

    • The range of data provided is subject to the availability of  information on this platform

  • Register of Czech VAT Payers

    • Account number registered by vat payer, Payer reliability, Publication date

  • Logobox, Company logos - automatic loading of company logos from the register of

  • Foreign exchange rates from the CNB

  • More extensive information about the companies is provided for the Czech Republic as a premium supplement to BizMachine s.r.o.

  • Country code list - information about countries (international code, country name, flag icon, capital...)

  • Salutation generator for Czech surnames and academic titles

  • Tools for working with map and geographic data - work with Google Maps,, address standardization, whisperer (addition of districts, regions), conversion of address to GPS coordinates (geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses)

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