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Customized Apps

Rapid technological progress and continuous market changes mean that companies must quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we offer our customers tailored solutions that help them with their unique problems while being sustainable for the future. Having handled numerous projects of various sizes and focuses, we know what works and what to avoid.


Together with the customer, we will conduct an analysis, specify their goals, and guide them through the entire process, validating processes and transitioning them into a unified electronic form.


We pride ourselves on designing the right system and, through consultations, propose solution architectures that are most suitable for the customer's business.

Identifying What's Important and Easily Achievable

We start with an IVA (Impact Value Analysis) workshop, where we define the scope of work, the strategic goals of the project, and identify areas with the highest added value. This workshop lays the groundwork for the next phases of the project and ensures that all parties have a clear understanding of the objectives, expectations, and what the system will deliver.

Is It Worth Pursuing the Project?

This is followed by a feasibility study that evaluates the technical, financial, and operational aspects of the proposed solution, based on the outputs from the IVA workshop. This phase is crucial for verifying that the proposed solution is not only technically feasible but also financially and operationally viable. Based on this study, we can recommend whether it is appropriate to proceed with the project and if not, propose an alternative solution.

Project Launch and Future Growth

The process concludes with a phase of developing a prototype and MVP (Minimal Viable Product), ranging from testing concepts and verifying their functionality in practice to the actual implementation of the solution in operation and further development iterations. This approach ensures that the final solution is not only precisely tailored to the customer's current needs but also adaptable for future growth.

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