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Continuous Support

Our goal is to ensure that the solutions we provide evolve with our customers as their businesses grow.  Therefore, we never sideline our solutions; instead, we actively maintain and regularly enhance them to align with our customers' evolving needs. Thanks to defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements), customers have the assurance that our experts will attend to them in accordance with the highest quality standards and agreed timelines.

What does the transition to support look like?

After the initial development and acceptance, the customer's system moves into the maintenance and further development phase. In the first few months after launch, it is necessary to anticipate significant efforts in providing assistance to application administrators and optimizing user operations. It is important to expect that, in practice, the system can adapt and deviate from the original specifications based on user feedback. To ensure maximum user satisfaction, it is therefore essential to provide quality and easily accessible support with quick responses to reported incidents and change requests.

A key component of our long-term support is regular monitoring of system usage and consultation on planned changes. These are typically deployed once a month, and this approach allows us not only to identify areas for improvement but also to enhance and supplement the solution over the long term.

Why choose a good support package?

For a complete list of our support packages, please use the 'Are you interested?' button at the page's end. Below, we highlight factors that we consider most significant.

  • Optimization and Maintenance of Software:
    Software continuously evolves and adapts to new requirements and process changes throughout its lifecycle. However, with each adjustment, the so-called technological debt increases. Without adequate support, this can lead to architecture fragmentation, technology obsolescence, or issues related to platform changes.

  • Effective Communication and Change Management:
    Every system change carries potential risks, whether related to time management challenges, resource estimation, adherence to timelines, or error minimization. An adequate support package addresses this by ensuring quality communication, short response times, and a team of professionals ready to meet your demands. With our support package, you gain peace of mind and assurance that your system is in good hands

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