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Keyboard and Mouse

Sharepoint Online for Beginners

Length: 2 Hours 

Language: CZ/EN 

Number of persons: up to 10 

Recordings: No 

Prerequisites: Minimum knowledge of Microsoft 365 (the training participant knows how to apply; knows the basic terms as user, group, etc.).


As part of the meeting, participants learn how to use SharePoint Online for file sharing correctly and efficiently. SharePoint Online is included with the Microsoft 365 package, and its basic knowledge is very useful to Teams Online users because it is closely connected to the app. 


Sharepoint Online General Introduction 

  • Microsoft 365 structure from a SharePoint Online perspective 

  • The difference between Onedrive and SharePoint Online 

  • Different types of site 

  • Access data 

  • Permissions and sharing 

  • Connect to Microsoft Teams 

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