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Safety in Microsoft 365

Duration: 3 hours 

Language: CZ/EN 

Number of persons: up to 20 

Recordings: No 

Prerequisites: Experience with Administration in M365.


Within this thematic area, individual consultations in a maximum of 2 hours are available on request.


Security training in Microsoft 365 is primarily for administrators who want to secure their tenant and their data in the cloud correctly and efficiently, or for those who would like to learn more about this topic. 


  • Data retention 

  • Protect data based on sensitive information 

  • Protection of identity (MFA, Password less) 

  • Login 

  • eDiscovery 

  • File sharing and guest access 


  • Email protection (antispam, antiphish, safe links, safe attachments) 

  • Admin accounts 

  • Risky users a sign-ins 

  • Conditional access 

  • Attack simulator 

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