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Power Automate Consultation

Duration: 3 hours
Language: CZ/EN
Number of people: up to 5 people
Prerequisites: Basic Microsoft 365 User Knowledge


This consultation and its content are based on your requirements. We will help you better understand the role of Power Automate in addressing your business requirements.

Power Automate is a cloud-based service that enables and facilitates the creation of workflows that automate time-consuming (typically business) tasks and processes across applications and services.

Next topics are just suggestion for you to pick, either come up with some ideas.

Introduction and theory. Designed for both regular and advanced users or novice developers.

Triggers - When and How to Start Flow

Actions - What is the logic that Flow performs

Connectors - Triggers and service-related actions

Conditions - Flow Logic Control

Parallel - Extend logic using parallel branches

Expressions - Advanced way to work with Flows

Child flows - Split logic into smaller Flows

Custom Connectors - Connect to your own services with Flow, create your own connector

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