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Model Driven Apps Consultation

Duration: 3 hours

Language: CZ/E

Number of persons: up to 5

Prerequisites: basic Microsoft 365 user knowledge, basic knowledge of database issues


This consultation and its content are based on your requirements. We will help you better understand the role of Model-driven applications in addressing your business requirements.

Introduction to power apps. Designed for both regular and advanced users or novice developers. This introduction to Power Platform is essential to understanding the basic features. It also includes the following topics:

  • Tables - Tables in database. How do I use them in Microsoft Dataverse?

  • Processes - how to define processes, e.g. workflows, business processes, etc.

  • Connections - Linking an app to external services

  • Solution framework - what is the Solution framework, how it works and why it is one of the most important components of Power Apps

For advanced users, this section of the training will introduce you to using code when creating Power Apps. At the same time, we will share best practices with you.

  • Plugin - create applications using code and pipeline

  • Code activity - custom code extension designed for processes

  • Source control - application lifecycle management

Model Driven Application

Introduction – what is a Model Driven application, what it consists of, in which cases you will use it. Basic theory. This module also includes basic building blocks:

  • App - Application environment, determines the basics of the application, such as components, properties, client type, etc.

  • Sitemap - navigation menu, determines navigation for your application.

  • Views - Views define how your app displays a list of records for a specific entity. The view defines the columns displayed, the width of each column, sort behaviour, and default filters.

  • Forms - Forms contain a set of fields for entering data for the entity. This set of data entry fields corresponds to the items your organization tracks for the entity.

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