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Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft 365 Administration

Length: 3 Hours 

Language: CZ/EN 

Number of persons: up  to 10 

Recordings: No 

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of Microsoft 365 advantage, but the training also covers the introduction to administration itself, due to the lower number of participants, the intensity of the training will be adapted to the participants. 


If you plan to migrate to Microsoft 365 or want to deepen your knowledge of managing your organization's tenant, Microsoft 365 administration training will provide you with all the information to gain more and more effective control over your services. 

  • Introducing Microsoft 365 and Architecture 

  • Basic information about services 

  • Presentation of various admin centers 

  • Guest identity and access 

  • Administrators a role 

  • Groups 

  • Tool (AAD Registered a AAD Joined) 

  • Licensing 

  • Manage domains 

  • Reports and service status 

  • Log and check logins 

  • Powershell 

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