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Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft Intune

Duration: 3 hours 

Language: CZ/EN 

Number of persons: up to 20 

Recordings: No 


  • Microsoft 365 Basic Knowledge 

  • Medium knowledge of the Windows 10 operating system (slightly more advanced knowledge than the average user has – a command line or Event viewer will be used in the training) 

  • Alternatively, orientation in the target OS (demo samples will take place on Windows or Android devices) 


Training outline: 

  • Introduction to Intune, introduction of the service 

  • How to add devices to Intune and add policies 

  • Compliance policy (parameter control) 

  • Policy configuration (policy enforcement) 

  • Scripts 

  • Windows 10 Update rings 

  • Remote application installation 

  • Device safety and reports 

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