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Keyboard and Mouse

Exchange Online
for Administrators 

Length: 3 hours 

Language: CZ/EN 
Number of persons:  up to 10 

Recordings: No 

Prerequisites: Basic Microsoft  365 user knowledge.


The training is intended primarily for administrators (or possibly advanced users) who use Exchange Online or are considering using Exchange Online. This training will show you how Exchange Online works, how to set up the service correctly in your organization, take full advantage of its capabilities, and troubleshoot any issues. 


  • General introduction of Exchange Online and orientation in the  Admin center 

  • Basics of mailflow 

  • Primary address and aliases 

  • Types of  mailboxes and groups 

  • Spam protection (base and more advanced) 


  • Rules and forwarding 

  • Limits 

  • Troubleshooting – message trace, Message Headers, Non-Delivery Reports 

  • Audit log 

  • Powershell 

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