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Keyboard and Mouse

Apps and services in Microsoft 365 that you may not know 

Duration: 2 hours 

Language: CZ/EN 

Number of persons: up to 50 

Recordings: No 

Prerequisites: Basic Microsoft 365 User Knowledge.  


Do you only use some of the apps you have in your Microsoft 365 package and would like to know about other options you have prepaid? Which apps have a future and which, on the contrary, Microsoft no longer develops? 


The aim of this training is primarily to broaden the horizons and awareness of other applications that are not so well known and are designed for both users and administrators.  


  • Microsoft 365 Core Products 

  • Tasks in Microsoft 365 

  • Forms, Stream, WhiteBoard 

  • OneNote 

  • Teams Service ​

  • Power Platform 

  • What's new in Microsoft 365 

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